Anime and Tokusatsu artworks!!




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And so Day 1 of AX begins!


Let’s recap this scene.
Enter is perfect.
Ryuji is wise.
Yoko is tsundere.
Hiromu is a dick.

I still fail to see why there’s so much hate for this show

Hello fellow Tokusatsu Fans! To anyone who is attending Anime Expo on July 3 - 6 (that’s less than a week!) there are some Tokusatsu related events happening on Thursday, which I’m unofficially dubbing Tokusatsu Day @ AX 2014!

  1. Kazuki Nakashima Panel (1:00pm, 2nd Floor, LP2 502 AB)- Among Anime fans he is known as the writer for some of the most insane over-the-top anime shows like RE:Cutie Honey, Gurren Lagann, and most recently Kill la Kill. In the Tokusatsu community he is most well known as the head writer of Kamen Rider Fourze. So if you’re a fan of Fourze definitely check out his panel where you can ask him questions about his works. I’m planning to shout “Uchhu Kitta!!” at start of his panel to show some Fourze love! 
  2. Tokusatsu Cosplay Gathering (3:30pm, Site 7 South Hall Lobby)- Special thanks to Char350 for the photo! If you’re cosplaying as your fav toku character on Thursday, join us in the gathering to meet up with other toku fans, do some photo shoot and and most importantly shenanigans!! Here’s link to a map of all of the Cosplay Gatherings. Basically the gathering going to be indoors by the main entrance of the convention center. Hope to see you guys there!
  3. Gen Urobuchi Panel (1:00pm, 2nd Floor, LP2 502 AB)- Nicknamed as the “Urobutcher” among anime fans because his dark and tragic writing style which can be seen in a lot of the shows he worked on like Modoka Magica, Fate/Zero, and Psycho Pass. In the Tokusatsu community he is most well known as the head writer of the current running Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gaim! Gaim fans should check out his panel and ask him about his experience in writing for a Tokusatsu show for the 1st time!

Hope you guys can make it to support the Tokusatsu love! :)

Went shopping to Book Off this weekend and found some amazing treasures for amazing LOW prices!!

I freaking lost it when I found the Gurren Lagann Production Sketch Books  for only $12 each!!


Kamen Rider Wizard - the protector of donuts!

This week’s Neo Anime schedule board illustration: Tiger & Bunny!

Couple of pics of the Yozakura Quarter OVA groundworks book